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Frequently Asked Questions (Cautions & Warnings)

How the Appliance Works?
The Serious Skincare┬« Facial Toning System has two contoured handheld units for convenience and ease of use. It generates a series of simultaneous sequential impulses through the two contact nodules on both the hand-held units, which gently contract and relax facial muscles, as well as tone and massage the lower layers of the skin. These impulses simulate natural exercise and are designed to provide comfortable and efficient muscular contractions that gently lift and help firm the
natural contours of the face.

P r o g r a m s &  Tr e a t m e n t s
For best results use the Deep Skin Toning program (Program 1) over a period of 4-6 weeks. Substitute this routine for the Surface Skin Toning Program (Program 2) once a week or when your skin looks tired. Once you are satisfied with the improvements, maintain the results by using the Enhancing Routine (program 3) 2-3 times a week. Each program should be used for 10-20 minutes.

What is the purpose of/Why is the Conductive Gel needed?

Specifically designed for use with The Egg, the Conductive Gel moistens your face and enhances conductivity.  This 4 oz. Tube will supply you with 60 days of use.

How does the unit operate?
The Egg operates with a 9 Volt Battery

Can I change the battery?
Yes, the 9V battery can be easily changed by opening the battery cover, removing the dead battery, and replacing with a new battery.

Is there a wall plug to charge The Egg Microcurrent+ Facial Toning System? 
No, The Egg runs on a 9V battery, which is provided with your unit, so all you need to do is replace the battery when it dies.

Is the micro-current stimulation current safe? 
Yes, The Egg is FDA Cleared for cosmetic usage.

When I increase instensity I cannot feel any impulse massage?
Your battery may need replacing! Check LCD Display to see if battery symbol appears. In
which case replace battery. Or apply more conductive gel to nodules and face and neck area
you are treating.

If I position nodules according to the diagrams in the User Guide, I don't always get a muscle contraction.  However, if I move the nodules around, then I can find where it works best.  Does this matter?
The diagrams are just a guide as to where to place the nodules each side of the face and neck. Face and neck muscles vary in their location, so you are quite right to experiment to find the best position to place the nodules.

Does it matter which program I use?
The 3 programs have differently phased muscle contractions and timings designed
for Deep Skin Toning, Surface Skin Toning and Enhancing Skin Routine. However,
you may use whichever program you feel is the most comfortable and effective.

I have dark skin, can I use it?
You may use Serious Skincare® Facial Toner on any skin type, black, brown, yellow or white.

Can I use The Egg for more than 10-20 minutes per day if I use different programs?
You should not use any program or different programs for more than 20 minutes per day. If in doubt, call toll free help line 1-800-540-8662.

Payments & Charges
When will I be charged my 2nd and 3rd payments for the installment payments of The Egg?
The second charge will be applied 30 days from date of purchase.  The third charge will be applied 60 days from date of purchase.